The Central Collegiate Hockey Association (CCHA) steering committee, following their meetings on the Michigan Tech campus last week, announced today that the CCHA Commissioner search has concluded, and the position has been accepted by Tech Hockey Guide. “As a committee we were all pleased, and frankly surprised, at the number of applicants,” said an unnamed committee member speaking on the condition of anonymity. “Only a few applications received via fax and one submitted via 5.25” floppy disc had to be discarded for not following the application protocol.”

World renowned athletics consultant Dr Morris Kurtz, who headed the committee, commented “The search process nearly crashed our special Yahoo email account that was set up to receive the applications. However, the committee did a great job to keep a close eye on our Inbox throughout the search process to ensure we wouldn’t go over our 10 MB account limit. Yes, we could have upgraded to a premium account with a higher storage limit, but all of our member institutions are on tight budgets and no one wanted to step up and cover the additional $1.99 per month.”

Kurtz continued, “After considering all the applications, it became clear that one was really heads and tails above the rest. Not only did they submit their application in the required Microsoft Word format, but their qualifications were impressive as well. Their application was not only the best-looking format but also offered us the greatest number of people to fill the role. As such we are thrilled to announce that Tech Hockey Guide will provide the leadership and future direction of our conference.”

“Michigan Tech alumni are known for their leadership,” said Michigan Tech Athletics Director, Dr. Suzanne Sanregret, “and what better example is there than this appointment to lead the CCHA. The Tech Hockey Guide team is going to do a great job, not only for the conference but for Michigan Tech hockey in particular. I know I can count on these guys to keep Michigan Tech’s interests a priority when making key decisions for the conference. We’ve already had some preliminary discussion about making the John MacInnes Student Ice Arena the permanent home for all future conference playoff games. Not only will this bring needed revenue to University and the surrounding area, but certainly will give the Huskies a solid home ice advantage in the new conference. I could not be more pleased with the committee’s decision.”

When asked for a comment, Tech Hockey Guide leadership declined and requested that all questions be directed to

Feature image credit Bob Gilreath

Ryan graduated from Michigan Tech just before the turn of the century (BSME 1998). After many years in the Huskies Pep Band drumline, Ryan eventually found his way to Denver, CO where he is currently a sales engineer in the construction industry. When not busy adding to his collection of 700+ collegiate and professional game-worn hockey jerseys, he serves as a road game photographer for Tech Hockey Guide, as well as contributing the occasional off-beat editorial piece.