Episode 18 of the Chasing MacNaughton Podcast from Tech Hockey Guide; “Transfers Galore” This week, Tim Braun, Rob Gilreath, and Dustin Lindstrom discuss (times are approximate):

  • Season Recap (2:30)
  • Player Transfers (9:30)
  • New Recruits (18:06)
  • Zoom Chat Announcement (24:14)
  • 2020-21 Season (26:01)
  • Long Island Hockey (34:22)
  • Future of GLI (45:01)

We start off with a review of end of the season, Tim shared some of the contingency plans the WCHA was working on before the Mankato series was cancelled.  Mankato “won” the simulation of the tournament. At a look at that here:

Next up was a long discussion on the transfers happening over the summer. Beydoun is going to the interestingly unstable Wisconsin and Donahue will remain a Husky, but it’ll be over in Minnesota at St. Cloud State. Mitch Meek has entered the portal, but we’ve not heard any news regarding where he’ll be ending up at this point.

Then we moved to a short recruiting update. Touching on three new recruits:

We’ve started up a monthly zoom chat for Patreons. As a guest on the first show we had Coach Shahawn and everyone on the chat enjoyed talking to Coach. We’ll be having the second one next Monday and this shows guest is a big one – We’ll be talking with Tech alum and NHL All-star MVP John Scott!

If you would like to join our Zoom Chat next week or get any of our other featured benefits, please check out our patreon page and consider joining. Ability to attend this monthly zoom chat has been added to our lowest tier (White – $2/month) while patrons at our Black Level or above receive an authentic MTU jersey patch and access to extra podcast content including our monthly recruiting mini-podcast (first episode came out in April) and extended versions of our other episodes.

A quick discussion on scheduling was next. First off, this year’s GLI fourth team will no longer be NMU, but rather Harvard. We go through the highlights of the out of conference schedule, the Alaska double, and the U.P. only February.

We then talked a bit about news from around college hockey. Will there be any teams dropping? How will Long Island University’s new program start? That’s right, even in the midst of all the talk of losing schools, there is a new DI program coming. What’s going on with GLI?

Cut for time:

This show’s removed edits include a bit of speculation on the current WCHA schools. We talked about the Alaska schools with the low oil prices and admission stats over at Lake State. Dustin managed to get us side tracked for a decent amount of time looking at JFK airport on google maps. Why are there no planes? Anyone have an answer?


  1. Airports often pay to have some or all of the planes on Maps and Earth imagery Photoshopped out, allegedly for security reasons.

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