Episode 15 of the Chasing MacNaughton Podcast from Tech Hockey Guide; “The Wayback Machine.” This week, Tim Braun, Rob Gilreath, and Dustin Lindstrom were joined by Ryan Stieg from The Mining Journal in Marquette to discuss (times are approximate):

  • Emergency Goaltending (2:54)
  • Northern Michigan’s Season (6:58)
  • The Last Weekend of the Season (13:24)
  • Grant Potulny’s Future (17:54)
  • Highlights of the NMU vs MTU Rivalry (21:52)
  • “Stump the Schwab” Game (34:42)
  • CCHA Commissioner Search (43:28)
  • Predictions (54:31)

With no Tech games to discuss this week the first thing talked about was the emergency goalie getting a win. David Ayers, a 42 year old zamboni driver and practice goalie, came in and got the first win ever by the emergency backup. It’s a nifty quirk of the rules in the NHL. More of an explanation of the rules that allowed it to happen are here.

Ryan then brought us up to speed on Northern’s season and we then talked about some of the possible outcomes going into the last weekend. The only playoffs places that are certain are Mankato will finish with a share of first and that Lake State will be the team in seventh. We then chatted a bit about Grant Potulny’s future and whether it’s at NMU or not.

After that we went our favorite moments of the last ten years of the NMU-MTU rivalry. We’ve each got our own favorites ranging from the just the atmosphere to goalie goals.

This week’s trivia was another decade length one. Can you name the game winning goal scorers in the games between the ‘Cats and Huskies of this decade? Ryan’s in order naming of the NMU winners took the win. Give it try yourself:

Next up we talked about the CCHA commissioner search page. I’ll leave it here without comment: Apply!

Wrapping up we try to predict the upcoming series and what we think we’re going to see the final WCHA standings end up as. At the end Ryan plugged his twitter account: @RyanStieg so if you want to hear the NMU side of things this weekend or going forward, give him a follow.

Cut for Time

The Patreon cut this week is around 96 minutes. Dustin defends the Tampa frozen four, while we discussed the next round of bids. We learned how a Minnesota native (Ryan) ended up in the UP, his impressions of Marquette, a little talk about Lakeview Arena. Ryan asked our thoughts on the fact that UAA and UA_ are likely to make playoffs this year, discussion of road tripping, I asked a couple trivia questions about NMU and brought up Alaska’s complaints related to the Carlson Center. Finally Tim talked about his recent trip to Houghton. To listen to the extended version or help make sure we can afford all our fancy equipment we purchased for the podcast and the THG website in general, please check out our patreon page and consider joining. Patrons at our Black Level or above receive an authentic MTU jersey patch and access to extra podcast content including the soon to be started monthly recruiting mini-podcast and extended versions of our other episodes. 

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