Recruiting Grid

Michigan Tech Recruiting Grid

Michigan Tech has many committed recruits, most of whom are documented on Chris Heisenberg’s 2020 List. We scour Twitter, team sites and league sites for verbal commitments to keep this information up to date. Some of these recruits have signed a Natonal Letter of Intent (NLI) and others have are currently verbally committed. Most will sign an NLI before heading to MTU, with official University announcements (see footnotes below) usually released in December and late Spring. Tech Hockey Guide follows these recruits as they progress with their current teams and below is our best guess as to when these committed players will join the Huskies. Some of these players will get shifted earlier or later as current players redshirt, leave the program and depart early for professional hockey and as other players make their commitments. We do our best to take everything we know into account and provide the most accurate view of the future we can.


2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Justin Misiak Parker Saretsky Tristan Ashbrook Tyrone Bronte Kyle Kukkonen Ryder Matter
Alec Broetzman Logan Pietila Nick Nardella Alex Nordstrom Charles-Edward Tardif Quinn Disher
Tommy Parrottino² Jake Crespi Rylan Mosley Levi Stauber Trevor Kukkonen Reid Daavettila
Trenton Bliss Tristan Ashbrook Tyrone Bronte Marcus Pedersen Kash Rasmussen Ethan Dekay
Brian Halonen Nick Nardella Alex Nordstrom Jack Works Ryder Matter Brandon Hilton
Parker Saretsky Rylan Mosley Levi Stauber Kyle Kukkonen Quinn Disher Skogen Schrott
Logan Pietila Tyrone Bronte Marcus Pedersen Charles-Edward Tardif Reid Daavettila
Jake Crespi David Jankowski Jack Works Trevor Kukkonen Ethan Dekay
Tristan Ashbrook Alex Nordstrom Kyle Kukkonen Kash Rasmussen Brandon Hilton
Nick Nardella Levi Stauber Charles-Edward Tardif Ryder Matter Skogen Schrott
Rylan Mosley Marcus Pedersen Trevor Kukkonen Quinn Disher
Tyrone Bronte Jack Works Kash Rasmussen Reid Daavettila
Alex Nordstrom Kyle Kukkonen Ryder Matter Ethan Dekay
Levi Stauber Charles-Edward Tardif Quinn Disher Brandon Hilton
Marcus Pedersen Trevor Kukkonen Skogen Schrott
Kash Rasmussen


2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Michael Karow Ryan O’Connell Brett Thorne Trevor Russell Frank Dovorany Chase Pietila
Colin Swoyer² Chris Lipe Jed Pietila Frank Dovorany Kasper Vähärautio Cam Moger
Tyrell Buckley Brett Thorne Trevor Russell Kasper Vähärautio Topi Heiskanen Tyler Miller
Eric Gotz Jed Pietila Frank Dovorany Topi Heiskanen Evan Orr
Brenden Datema Trevor Russell Kasper Vähärautio Evan Orr Oliver Bezick
Chris Lipe Frank Dovorany Topi Heiskanen Oliver Bezick Chase Pietila
Brett Thorne Kasper Vähärautio Evan Orr Chase Pietila Cam Moger
Jed Pietila Topi Heiskanen Oliver Bezick Cam Moger Tyler Miller
Grant Docter Evan Orr Chase Pietila Tyler Miller
Trevor Russell Oliver Bezick Cam Moger



2021 2022 2023 2024 2025 2026
Mark Sinclair Blake Pietila Max Väyrynen Max Väyrynen Max Väyrynen
Blake Pietila Max Väyrynen Michael Morelli Michael Morelli Michael Morelli
Cayden Bailey Michael Morelli

This page does not represent anything officially related to Michigan Tech or their Hockey team. The time line of players joining the Huskies is the opinion of Tech Hockey Guide based on information from various sources. The primary source for Classes of future recruits is

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