UPDATE: We have enough interest in the Black (new) and Cream jerseys to submit an order. We began collecting money on December 12, 2017 and plan to submit the order on January 12, 2018 if everyone cooperates. If things go well, we’d expect to have these jerseys in hand for the start of the 2018-19 season. Sign up now to be included on this order.

Original Post:

Michigan Tech hockey fans are among the elite at the NCAA Division-I level.  Nearly all of them spent every available moment of their youth skating on ponds and rinks throughout North America from the time they could walk.  They invested countless early mornings and late nights refining their skills with puck handling drills, power skating exercises and hours at the white board developing team play strategy.  All of this time and effort invested in the hopes that one day they would have the opportunity to earn a spot on a Division-I hockey team roster.  A chance to look forward to every Friday and Saturday night of the hockey season and getting to pull on the sweater of the team they represent on the ice.

Oh wait, sorry, there was an error in my notes for this story.  That was historical background on how the players got to where they are today.

Fear not, as fans of one of the most historic and successful collegiate hockey programs in NCAA hockey history, when game day arrives you as a fan still can pull on the same high-quality sweater (since you’re a high-end fan, you already know we mean jersey) worn by the varsity players who take the ice for the Michigan Tech Huskies. To top it all off, Hockey By Design just chose the Huskies #1 in their rankings of all college hockey jerseys in the country:

Stop. Just look at them. Look at every little detail. The contrasts. The colors. The cleanliness. The uniqueness.

Would you like me to keep going? Okay…

The consistency. The sophistication.

It’s all there.

Michigan Tech easily runs away with the best college hockey uniform in the US of A.

Credit: Tim Braun

Tech Hockey Guide has been given the opportunity to offer you, the fans, to obtain your very own on-ice quality sweater, customized with the name and number of your choice.*  Although the price is slightly higher than replica jerseys offered for sale, this is certainly a case where you get your money’s worth in the quality department. Hundreds of fans have already taken advantage of two separate orders that THG has organized in conjunction with Mitch’s Misfits over the last two seasons (see the jerseys in Tim Braun’s collection to the right).

Unlike replica jerseys, the on-ice models feature heavy weight fabrics made to withstand the rigors of game play.  (Some of the current sets of Michigan Tech jerseys have been used for more than four seasons.)  The shoulders and elbows are reinforced with two layers of fabric and you’ll find a more generous cut throughout the sleeves and jersey body to easily slip on over an extra sweatshirt for the long walk to/from the parking lot.  While replica jerseys may utilize screened on logos or simply embroidery, the Huskies game jerseys feature heavy sewn twill construction for the cresting, name and numbers.  Lastly, in the back, you’ll find a fight strap to keep your prized jersey secured to you should the pregame tailgate party get a little out of hand between friends.

Credit: Ryan Johnson

So, if you’re ready to take your fan game to the next level, feel free to fill out the interest form below and when there is enough interest to meet minimum requirements, a member of the THG staff will follow up and beginning collecting funds and make a last call for all before submitting an order. We expect the new black jerseys to be the most popular. If you’re interested in any jersey, including the black “wheel” jersey worn last year, please fill out the form which now includes an “other” field.

THG Authentic Jersey Order Form

* Current player names may not be ordered per team policy.

Ryan graduated from Michigan Tech just before the turn of the century (BSME 1998). After many years in the Huskies Pep Band drumline, Ryan eventually found his way to Denver, CO where he is currently a sales engineer in the construction industry. When not busy adding to his collection of 700+ collegiate and professional game-worn hockey jerseys, he serves as a road game photographer for Tech Hockey Guide, as well as contributing the occasional off-beat editorial piece.