What was old is new again. The countdown to the start of Mel Pearson’s second season as head coach of the Huskies continues with the release of the second new jersey design that will debut during the 2012–13 season. The inspiration behind this jersey was the Huskies’ success of the 1970s, when the team appeared in three consecutive championship games and won the 1974–75 NCAA title. Michigan Tech says we can expect to see this jersey for special occasions such as Winter Carnival, and it can be assumed that the outdoor games in December would be a likely use during next season.

While the jersey construction and features will no doubt take advantage of 21st century technology with a variety of moisture wicking and ventilating materials, styling cues of the 1970s will visually accent the jersey. Similar to the game-worn examples below, the front of the jersey features the traditional “Huskies” crest, however without the “MICHIGAN TECH” that had been present in the tail for the last several years. Returning to the front of the jersey are two-color numbers as well as arm and waist stripes in black and off-white, again enhancing the vintage look of the jersey. A lace-up neckline adds another throwback touch to the overall design.

A few items that differ from jerseys of the mid-1970s to early 1980s include the lack of color contrasting sleeve cuffs and the addition of a contrasting color nameplate with a single color name. A “MICHIGAN TECH” patch will also be featured on the back neck, similar to the previously introduced black jersey.

Next month Michigan Tech will be giving us a sneak peak at the new white jersey design. The big question at this point is will this final jersey simply be a white version of one of the two designs already released or will the Huskies go for a fresh new look to close out their trifecta of new designs for next season. Regardless of the design, fans can be thrilled knowing that the start of the 2012–13 season will be only two months away by the time the last jersey design is released to the public.

Ryan graduated from Michigan Tech just before the turn of the century (BSME 1998). After many years in the Huskies Pep Band drumline, Ryan eventually found his way to Denver, CO where he is currently a sales engineer in the construction industry. When not busy adding to his collection of 700+ collegiate and professional game-worn hockey jerseys, he serves as a road game photographer for Tech Hockey Guide, as well as contributing the occasional off-beat editorial piece.