ESPN sportscaster John Buccigross announced on Twitter this week that he finally learned how to spell “College Hockey.” Buccigross has donated the proceeds of his #CawlidgeHawkey branded apparel based on a hashtag he started using in 2009.

“I had just taken it from Jack Callahan’s dialogue in the movie Miracle,” Buccigross told The Avant-Guard Dog, “but it turns out that Hooked on Phonics really didn’t work for me after all.”

Cover image lovingly fabricated by THG staff from elements of an actual tweet by @Buccigross.

Alex Slepak is the former Editor-in-Chief of Tech Hockey Guide. Alex was a Student Conductor of the Huskies Pep Band and graduated from MTU in 2014 with a B.S. in Scientific and Technical Communication. After graduating, he moved to the Twin Cities where he now writes software manuals for a living.