Episode 11 of the Chasing MacNaughton Podcast from Tech Hockey Guide; “Where has the Power Play gone?” This week Tim Braun, Rob Gilreath, and Dustin Lindstrom discuss (times are approximate):

  • Ferris State Review (2:12)
  • Joe Shawhan Hour (23:55)
  • Recruiting (34:28)
  • Questions (41:26)
  • Alabama-Huntsville Preview (53:29)
  • WCHA Predictions (60:17)
  • Women’s College Hockey (64:17)

Like always here’s the game highlights from last weekend’s split with Ferris State.

FSU @ MTU Friday January 24, 2020
FSU @ MTU Saturday January 25, 2020

We were all disappointed with the weekend’s results and discussed some of the reasons. The team broke the Bulldog’s losing streak by scoring only three goals on a team that has given up eight plus goals the last four weekends. The low scoring trend and other reasons we see for the team’s struggles like puck possession time, getting too fancy, and I even managed to get a bit of a soccer comparison in.

Just for everyone’s reference. Here’s what Joe’s been talking about when he talks about the Ovechkin spot:

The spot came up again with the power play discussion as we discussed some of the power play woes. After talking about it during the show, Tim did the leg work, we’re 2 for 19 on the power play since Ford was injured.

The potential recruit we were talking about, Tanner Edwards is a guy to look forward to seeing in the WCHA at Mankato soon, but maybe for the wrong reasons. His penalty minutes are absolutely crazy with 176 this year. The next closest in the USHL is 92 minutes.

Alex Nordstom, a name most should recognize from the area, is another promising recruit coming home next year to the Keweenaw after a few years away in the AJHL and USHL. The recruiting grid on the site is now up to date. Take a look at the future Huskies and our best guess as to when they’ll be arriving in Houghton.

After a short discussion on the upcoming series in Huntsville and our usual predictions, we talked about a topic that we all free is quite frankly an embarrassment to the state of Michigan. The state has seven NCAA ice hockey programs including two Big Ten programs and ZERO current women’s programs. While we don’t know when or where this is going to change, we all agree it’s far too long since the state has had a women’s team for a state with the fifth most women’s registered hockey players.

Cut for time

The cut section this episode included a more detailed dive into the Joe show and some of the negativity that comes out on the show and our thoughts about it including the soft versus hard ice discussion.