Episode 9 of the Chasing MacNaughton Podcast from Tech Hockey Guide; “The Sickness” This week Tim Braun, Rob Gilreath, Dustin Lindstrom are joined by THG’s resident jersey expert Ryan Johnson of Johnson’s Jerseys (times are approximate):

  • BGSU Review (2:22)
  • College Hockey Talk (10:03)
  • WCHA Road Records (12:48)
  • Pairwise Talk (17:58)
  • Bemidji Road Trip (21:56)
  • BSU Preview (31:08)
  • WCHA Predictions (37:14)
  • Johnson’s Jerseys Discussion of MTU jerseys (40:14)

First up in this weeks liner notes is the highlights from the weekend’s series at BGSU:

January 10th vs BGSU Highlights
January 11th vs BGSU Highlights

In talking about the Joe show Tim brought up Dartmouth’s twitter feed, which is a must follow in my opinion for a college hockey fan. Give them a follow on Twitter

We then jumped over to some NCHC hits that happened over the weekend that seeing the video really helps understand what we were talking about so here they are:

Check from behind by UMD’s Scott Perunovich
UND’s Shane Pinto’s cross-check

Our discussion of the pairwise was helped out quite a bit by Jim Dahl’s website where he runs the numbers and shows where each team can land based on remaining games. Take a look for yourself and see the breakdown of each teams pairwise chances.

Bemidji’s finally a place we’ve all been, so we discussed the town itself and we encourage anyone that can make the trip to go and enjoy a town that anyone from Houghton will feel right at home in! After talking about the town we chat a bit about the series itself and what we expect before we moved into our WCHA predictions.

Our guest this week was Tech’s jersey expert and one of the THG Photographers, Ryan Johnson. He doesn’t just talk about which jersey styles he enjoys, he talks about what years he liked them! For those of you haven’t seen his website, take a look and try not to get too jealous that the majority of the photographs are on the site are jerseys that he actually owns.

And finally thanks again once agian to our two newest Patrons: Patrick Koro and Ben Whisler.

Cut for Time

This week’s cut sections covered a few topics for about 18 minutes of extra chat. There was a quick discussion about faceoff statistics from the Huskies centers. We then talked for quite a while about the Big Ten conference woes between not having bottom teams and recruiting strategies. Finally we wrapped up with some continued discussion about Bemidji and northern Minnesota.

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