UPDATE NOTE: this post was originally published on April 1st as satire, but since publication it has become very real for NMU. The original satire stated NMU had 6 players left from last year; currently they stand at 9 (plus some potential COVID year players) and rumor is that more are entering the portal today (April 3rd).

It appears that things are very bad for Grant Potulny in Marquette, Michigan. Northern Michigan finished the season in fifth place in the CCHA but got bounced by Minnesota State in the first round. That was quite the disappointment after being picked second in the conference’s preseason coaches poll. With 30 players (3 goalies, 10 defensemen and 17 forwards) on the roster to finish the season, four three have signed professional deals:

  • F, Andre Ghantous (Adirondack [ECHL], March 14)
  • D, Michael Van Unen (Iowa [ECHL], March 14)
  • F, Jack Perbix (Adirondack [ECHL], March 18)
  • F, Artem Shlaine (Utah [ECHL], April 1) (this was satire)

Four Two more players have exhausted their eligibility, and declined to come back for a fifth “COVID” year played at least 4 years and it is unclear whether they will return or even can:

  • D, Colby Enns (4 years, possible COVID year/redshirt)
  • D, Rylan Van Unen (4 years, possible COVID year)
  • D, Tyrell Boucher (4 years, possible COVID year)
  • D, Jeppe Urup (5 years, possible redshirt)

Two more players are now likely to return for their 5th season (as of 4/4/24):

  • D, Colby Enns
  • D, Rylan Van Unen

Yesterday onOn March 31, the Transfer Portal opened for non-grad transfers. Three grad transfers had entered the portal about a week after the Wildcats’ season ended on March 9, when they were swept by Minnesota State in the opening round of the CCHA Mason Cup Playoffs. Two more grad transfers entered the portal in the last week. Those those five players were:

  • D, Aiden Gallacher (3/14)
  • F, Michael Colella (3/14)
  • F, Mitchell Deelstra (3/15)
  • F, Kristof Papp (3/26)
  • G, Charlie Glockner (3/31)

Just yesterday On March 31, four additional players with more than one year of eligibility remaining entered the portal:

  • F, Zach Michaelis (3/31)
  • F, Brendan Poshak (3/31)
  • F, Travis Hensrud (3/31)
  • D, Josh Zinger (3/31)

In addition to that, today it was announced by Brad Schlossman that NMU’s portal entries nearly doubled from 8 to 14 with six additional players entering the portal Since then, and as of this update on April 3rd, four more players have entered the portal:

  • D, Luke Gramer
  • F, Grant Slukynsky
  • D, Viking Gustafsson Nyberg
  • F, Matvei Kabanov
  • G, Carsen Stokes (4/1)
  • F, Kevin Marx Norem (4/2)
  • D, Isack Bandu (4/2)
  • G, Beni Halasz (4/2)
  • F, Artem Shlaine (4/3)

That leaves NMU with just 5 skaters and a goalie, just enough to field a starting lineup 6 forwards, 3 defensemen and 0 goaltenders, plus the 4 players that may still have eligibility:

  • D, Isack Bandu
  • G, Beni Halasz
  • F, Artem Shlaine
  • F, Reilly Funk
  • F, Connor Eddy
  • F, Michael Mesic
  • F, Grant Slukynsky
  • F, Matvei Kabanov
  • D, Jakob Peterson
  • D, Luke Gramer
  • D, Viking Gustafsson Nyberg

An NMU fan posted the above to Twitter (X) on Sunday, which looked bad enough, but as of publishing, this is where NMU stands with new departures (updated to current true status):

That Leaves the Wildcats with 14 goals and 16 assists 35 goals and 31 assists returning. Coach Grant Potulny has a lot of work ahead of him to fill the roster back out. According to Heisenberg’s list, NMU has 12 players committed for next year and four more that might come in next season. Time will tell how much Potulny will attempt to replenish the roster via the transfer portal but for now, things are pretty rough in Marquette.

To see a full list of players in the portal including all NMU players check out this list.

Notes: Strike through text was either reality at one point or satirical but is currently not true. Last updated 4/4/24 9:00 AM Eastern.

Tim is a 2004 graduate of Michigan Tech. He is a co-founder of both Mitch’s Misfits and Tech Hockey Guide. With recent additions to the staff, Tim is again able to focus on his passion, recruiting. He currently works as an environmental engineer and resides in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area.


    • Well this is an April Fools article but its like 75% true so who really knows whats going on. They have 11 players in the portal, 3 turning pro, 4-5 guys that might be done with hockey.

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