It’s been a while

Friday, February 2nd Michigan Tech 1 – Northern Michigan 4

Boy I sure did pick a great week to make my comeback. The numbers make it seem like it was a closer game than it felt like, that might just be because it is tough to watch a rivalry game objectively. NMU was the better team on Friday, but probably not as much as the scoreboard indicated.

Honestly this looks a lot like a bunch of shot maps from last season where Tech ended up winning, the difference is that instead of being a super advanced robot designed to play goalie, Blake was “only” a slightly above average NCAA goalie in this game.

Jack Works with a sub 40 on ice xG percentage? You can find me here 42.4338° N, 83.9845° W

Saturday, February 3rd Michigan Tech 3 – Northern Michigan 3

This would have been such a good game if the boys could have just held on in the 3rd period. But unfortunately here we are looking at a chart that shows Tech played a good two periods and turtled in the third.

Tech really needs to win games like this, there really weren’t very many dangerous chances for Northern in this game. They took a lot of low percentage shots, but they capitalized on most of the few truly dangerous shots they were able to take.

I was really optimistic about the Works, Caderoth, Logan Pietila line, I feel like Works and Caderoth should play well with each other to battle for pucks in the corner and be able to hopefully keep the puck in the offensive zone which is a place you always want Logan to be. They definitely all played better on Saturday than Friday, so it will be interesting to see if we will be getting more of that line in the future.

Bonus Content

I’m sorry I was gone. But look I made you some content. Augie made you your favorite open wide. Here’s all the charts that I didn’t make for you in the last month or so. Provided with little to no commentary:

Thursday, December 28th Michigan Tech 3 vs Alaska 2

wow we got lucky here

Friday, December 29th Michigan Tech 3 vs Michigan State 3

wait is blake good again?

Thursday, January 11th Michigan Tech 3 vs St Thomas 4

ope here we go losing to the thomies again

Saturday, January 13th Michigan Tech 1 vs St Thomas 3

wait no we cant get swept by the tomys, i still haven’t figured out how to spell their name yet

Friday, January 19th Michigan Tech 2 vs Bemidji State 1

we are so back

Saturday, January 20th Michigan Tech 2 vs Bemidji State 2

at least we lost in shootouts?

Friday, January 26th Michigan Tech 1 vs Lake State 3

its so over

Saturday, January 27th Michigan Tech 1 vs Lake State 0

blake is back baby tech is winning the national tournament

No thoughts, just vibes

this is still the vibe of the season despite the birthday shutout at lake state, even though that was so sick

Closing Time

I hope you enjoyed taking a look at some nice charts and graphs with me. If you have any questions about the charts, my analysis, or just want to say hello, please leave a comment or reach out to me on the THG discord server (@Augie) and I’d be happy to try and answer your questions.

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