There is no better way to spend Thanksgiving than traveling to Mankato Minnesota. That’s what I always say. A lot of people are counting out Minnesota State this season after losing their coaching staff during the offseason, but I’ve seen too much good hockey from the Mavericks in the last decade to believe they won’t be a tough team to play especially at home.

Friday, November 24th Michigan Tech 3 – Minnesota State 2

Wow, what a start. Obviously getting two goals early is going to feel good, but Tech really did control the game pretty much the whole first period. Despite a complete lack of offense from either team the first half of the second period, the Huskies ran the second half of the period. Things got a little spooky in the third when the Mavericks tied it up, but never fear going to OT activated non 5v5 Ryland Mosley so it was never in doubt.

This is what we expected to see out of Tech at the beginning of the season. The offense came out swinging and never really let up. The Huskies had more shots overall, and more shots from dangerous parts of the ice. Lots of good things happen when you control play the majority of the game.

Another day, another great performance Chase Pietila while leading the team in ice time. Matthew Campbell continues to look great in his second week back from injury, if he can stay healthy that’s huge for the Huskies. Lauri Raiman didn’t play a TON of minutes, but boy did he play well. He is quickly becoming one of my personal favorites to watch.

Saturday, November 25th Michigan Tech 3 – Minnesota State 2

Well that was a bit of a closer game, very tight the whole game. I didn’t have a chance to watch this game, but I am choosing to look at the numbers and believe that the difference in this game was Blake Pietila returning to form and having a great game in net.

We can see that Tech started off strongly, but by the end of the first Mankato had caught back up and keep the game very close throughout the rest of the game.

Ah yes, the Chase to Jed ice time flip flop that’s a classic. So uh, is Logan ok? Like I said I wasn’t able to watch the game on Saturday, I’m assuming Logan left the game with an injury based on him getting one minute of ice time.

No thoughts, just vibes

Closing Time

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