For the last three seasons, Tech Hockey Guide has organized a fan order of authentic Michigan Tech jerseys. This year will be no different and likely the largest order we’ve ever done. If everything holds, we should have enough interest to order four styles. The Cream, Gold, and both the current and previous black jerseys. If you have any interest in these styles, now is the time to sign up. Michigan Tech is considered to have some of the best jerseys in hockey according to many and Hockey By Design ranked Michigan Tech #1, and that was before MTU released their current road jersey, which might be my favorite. Based on interest from fans, you don’t disagree. Despite it being the most expensive jersey, MTU fans have shown a ton of interest in the last 2 seasons. Let’s review the jerseys in order of likeliness of an order (minimum # of jerseys required is 25). NOTE: ALL PRICES LISTED ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

1 – Current alternate Cream Jersey [39 currently ordered]

The classic cream jersey did get a slightly different look this season. The team decided to change from the Reebok Edge cut to a more classic CCM cut jersey. The price point on these jerseys is the lowest with blank cream jerseys coming in at around $150 and customized with an name/number costing about $210. The CCM cut should allow us to order all the way down to size 46 but that is yet to be confirmed.

2 – Current road Black-Gold Jersey (Hall of Fame) [38]

As I stated above this has been a very popular style despite it being the most expensive of the set. Blank jerseys start at $210 while customized jerseys could get as high as $285 with a captain’s letter. The front “Michigan Tech” is tackle twill with this jersey including the new Huskies head logo and UP patch on the shoulders.

3 – Previous (2013-2017) road Black Jersey (Wheel) [25]

The Road Black Jersey from 2013 through 2017 takes after the Boston Bruins with similar striping and the circular “Wheel” Michigan Tech logo. We’ve struggled to get enough interest in either this or its white counterpart, the current whites, but now we’re finally at the 25 jersey threshold. This is probably the only time we’ll get enough interest to order this jersey now that it’s no longer in use by the team. Take the opportunity seriously if you like this style. A blank of this style will cost you $170 while an embellished version will run $245.

4 – Current alternate Gold Jersey [23]

My personal favorite might be the gold jerseys. That classic look that always seemed to be a part of the GLi and other special events just oozes MTU tradition with the Huskies script and no shoulder patches. It’s still currently using the Reebok Edge cut which seems to be preferred by most fans because it has a lot less extra fabric and is more form fitting. We’re very close to ordering this jersey and I fully expect to hit the minimum before we submit this order in early 2019. This classic jersey will cost you $170 without a name or number and top out at $230 with embellishment by MTU’s usual provider, Exclusive Pro.

5 – Current home White Jersey (Wheel) [9]

The current home White jersey, which doesn’t get a ton of use thanks to the great alternates MTU has have been in use since 2015. They have the same layout and style as the previous road jersey with the MTU seal and UP as shoulder patches and the Bruins style circular “Wheel” logo. For whatever reason this is the least popular of the current set of jerseys, maybe because its use on ice is the lowest of the four. The pricing on these is the same as the previous Black jersey, $170 for a blank, and $245 embellished.

6 – Copper Country Strong Special Event Jersey [1]

The Copper Country Strong jersey was worn by the team one time for a special event on November 23, 2018. All the jerseys from that night were auctioned off to raise funds to support the local community after the flooding and the tragedy of the losses to the community. University Images will have blank versions of this jersey, and if that’s what you want, I suggest you go there, but if you really want one with a number and Thatcher on the back, we will see if we can hit the minimum order for this. If we get there, these jerseys will have a little extra markup and all profits will go to support a Copper Country Strong Foundation.

How do you order?

It’s very simple, click on “Jersey Order” at the top of this page or click here. Just fill out the form at that page and wait for me to follow up with sizing information and final pricing. We’ll collect money starting shortly and hopefully be done with that and submit our order in February or March. Hopefully in late-summer, early-fall I will have the jerseys in my possession and start working on distribution to everyone that ordered. The time line is a minimum of 12 weeks my submission and we usually figure 8-10 months from the time you pay until you get your jersey.

Featured Image courtesy of Tim Braun.

Tim is a 2004 graduate of Michigan Tech. He is a co-founder of both Mitch’s Misfits and Tech Hockey Guide. With recent additions to the staff, Tim is again able to focus on his passion, recruiting. He currently works as an environmental engineer and resides in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area.


    • Much like the Copper Country Strong jersey, University Images has authentic blank jerseys. I’m not sure they have anymore left but feel free to submit interest using “other” and if we get enough interest, we’ll do the order. Make sure you mention “camo” in the notes for “other.”

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