The Huskies jumped up a spot this week, but we’ll have to come back to that because the big mover in our Week 9 poll is Ferris State. The Bulldogs jumped from #9 to #7 on the heels of a split with Alabama-Huntsville, picking up a whopping 28 points (from 30 to 58). The series ended with a cumulative score of 9-7 in favor of FSU. The Chargers held on to their 5th-place position, and both the Chargers and the Bulldogs had no votes lower than 7th place.

Voters seem to have regained some confidence in the Huskies as they followed a pair of non-regulation losses in Anchorage with a sweep up the road in Fairbanks to close out their road trip. Last week, the Huskies had gotten votes as low as 8th place, but this week saw them sitting at a low of 5th place.

Both Tech and Minnesota State are off this week, which means that top-table real-estate is really Bowling Green’s to lose. They’ll be hosting a Bemidji side that’s been struggling lately, but took two wins off of Minnesota-Duluth at the start of the season. If the early-season Beavers get on the bus this week, it’s possible they could scrape Bowling Green down into 3rd place, while putting themselves above Alabama-Huntsville—if not at least in close reach.

The most recent results are below, but the latest poll results can always be found on our Polls page.

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Cover photo credit Bob Gilreath.

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