Courtesy of Michigan Tech

Part 5 (Sorry for the delay) of our Meet Your Freshmen series is Nick Cecere. Nick is a stay at home defenseman that should compliment the other rookies in the years to come. As Huskies fans already know, he’s gotten an opportunity to play 6 of the first 10 games this season, splitting time with fellow freshman Jimmy Davis. So far, Cecere has a +2 +/− rating through those 6 games and appears to have adjusted to the college game very well.  He still needs to add some weight and strength to better handle the puck in the corners but he has shown good puck skills and looked pretty comfortable carrying the puck out of the defensive zone.

Number: 4
Position: Defenseman
Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa
Last Team: Lincoln (USHL)

THG: Why did you decide to come to Michigan Tech? Who else wanted you to play for them?

Nick Cecere (NC): Michigan Tech was a great fit for myself and for my family.  I was talking to a few schools at the time I committed but Tech was a perfect fit.

THG: Which team are you most excited to beat this season? 

NC: North Dakota

THG: What are your hockey goals for this season? after Michigan Tech? 

NC: My goals for this season are to establish myself as a solid defenseman in college hockey and to help change the culture here at Tech.

THG: Which older Husky player on the team is your mentor? 

NC: Brett Olson.

THG: What do you think of new head coach, Mel Pearson?

NC: He is great.  Our practices are fast paced and he’s a great teacher.

THG: What do you think of the new college hockey landscape (formation of Big Ten & NCHC)?

NC: I’m not a huge fan of it because growing up in the Midwest I watched the WCHA games every weekend and I’ve been looking forward to playing all of the teams. I feel like the change interferes with all of the history the league has and all of the big rivalries between the schools.

THG: What aspect of your game do you think needs the most improvement to help improve your game for the college level?

NC: This summer I spent a lot of time on the ice and in the weight room constantly working on my game.

THG: How have you been preparing for the jump from junior hockey to WCHA hockey?

NC: I feel like just the overall quickness of the game. These guys are older and faster than who I played against in juniors so that’s the biggest step.

THG: Who is your biggest influence in hockey?

NC: It would have to be my dad. He’s taught me everything that I know about the game and has also taught me a lot of the mental aspects that go along with the game as well.

THG: Does the energy and noise level of the crowd affect the way you play?

NC: Yes for sure.  It’s always extremely fun for me to play in front of a big crowd, it gives me that extra adrenaline rush.

THG: What is your major at Michigan Tech?

NC: Business Management

THG: What do you know about Mitch’s Misfits or

NC: Zero

THG: Who are you rooming with this year? Tell me something fun about your roommate! 

NC: I live off campus with Rix, Stebner, and Holmberg.  I’m the only American in the house.

THG: Recite your favorite movie quote… and just in case, tell me what movie it’s from.

NC: “Yeah baby” Austin Powers

THG: What’s your favorite class at Michigan Tech so far?

NC: Leadership

THG: Where is your favorite spot to relax?

NC: Laying down on the couch and watching TV.

THG: Do you know the words to O Canada?

NC: Yes I played a year of juniors in the BCHL, so I heard it a lot.

THG: What would you try if you knew you wouldn’t fail?

NC: Bake a cake

THG: Finally, what would you like to say to all of the Michigan Tech faithful?

NC: Thanks for all of your support and I look forward to help start the new Michigan Tech hockey tradition.

Tim is a 2004 graduate of Michigan Tech. He is a co-founder of both Mitch’s Misfits and Tech Hockey Guide. With recent additions to the staff, Tim is again able to focus on his passion, recruiting. He currently works as an environmental engineer and resides in the Minneapolis/St. Paul Area.