Some information has been updated as Tech Hockey Guide has learned more about the situation.

It was learned today unceremoniously through an email to the Huskies Pep Band list that the beloved Copper Country staple will be barred from playing their instruments at Yost and Munn for this year’s showcase edition of the “GLI”.

This circumstance is currently being blamed on the new format, as Big Ten rules stipulate that opposing teams cannot play in their buildings. Evidently, even non-conference games with a decades long history is no exception.

It is the understanding of Tech Hockey Guide that the Huskies Pep Band and Michigan Tech Athletic Department did everything they could to circumvent this rule, including going to great length to attempt to contact officials from the Michigan and Michigan State bands, but were ultimately unsuccessful.

While it is uncertain why neither school is willing to allow the long-time host school (and biggest attendance contributor in recent years) the courtesy of bringing their student-run band for a non-conference showcase, this news is certain to strengthen the hope amongst Michigan Tech faithful that the showcase format is a one-year scenario.

The Huskies Pep Band has politely requested that any “hate mail” gets thrown their direction as opposed to the athletic departments of any of the participating schools, as all routes to get them in the stands at either location have been exhausted. However, the comment sections on our social media channels are open so feel free to fire away.

Matt Cavender graduated from Tech in 2018 and is a former President of Mitch's Misfits, serving two terms. Matt serves on the Tech Hockey Guide staff as Editor in Chief. He currently works as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Grand Rapids, MI


  1. What a pile of Big Ten garbage. My heart goes out to those in the band who wanted to be there with only the feeling that there is next year. We LOVE our band.

    Appropriate words run out with the emotion raging in this old soldier and scholar. Suffice it to say we will be working to make sure as many Misfits as possible will be there, and we CERTAINLY will be there, along with, I suspect a great many Husky fans.

    Matt, you can read my mind and fill in the nasty words, but I want this information disseminated to the team. Likely they will take “extra energy” from this circumstance.

  2. Sooooo, the big 10 is calling this while Michigan Tech is the “HOST” University?,,this is Techs hockey invitational.

  3. Bring lots of Kazoos, pass out song sheets and chant the songs during game play! We can get the Tech fans singing along loudly.

  4. “That’s alright, that’s Okay, you will be working for us some day!” Quote Unquote Michigan Tech Band at Lakeview Arena vs Northern Michigan.
    .The Tech band makes College hockey a fun atmosphere! From young to old, they bring smiles to every ones faces. Let’s Go Tech!!
    Bring the band with Cow Bells and drum sticks! And alot of cow bells! And Metal Pie pans. Remember Goofus, the one man band? He was amazing! And the Tech band can be amazing if you adapt and overcome! Go Huskies!!!

  5. Didn’t realize we’d be playing by Big10 rules at a non-conference game. Isn’t that kind of the point of the phrase “non-conference”?

    I’m not entirely surprised about the Yost. The Munn on the other hand, that one surprises me. Off to go find all my spare keys to do this Berry Event Center style.

  6. saw this at the bottom of an email I just received with game times.. Promising

    Note: The change in the location and format of the 2021 Great Lakes Invitational is due to unavailability of Little Caesar’s Arena this year. Michigan Tech is committed to resuming the legacy of the GLI in Detroit moving forward.

  7. Kazoos! I second that. When NMU banned our band’s instruments at Lakeview when I was a kid, that’s what they brought. And still had the same effect on opposing fans.

  8. If you are a tech fan I urge you to still go our hockey team still needs the support. Do what we did with NaMaU….stripped of instruments…. we are.still the home advantage!

  9. Ob, I was thinking the same thing. Need to be bigger and louder without the band so they realize the folly of their decision!

    Another option would be to exclude said cry babies’ teams from 2022. I’m sure the other universities in our state would love to participate.

  10. “Once A Husky” sez: “…exclude said cry babies’ teams from 2022.”
    Might be tough to accomplish, seeing as how U-M is a co-sponsor, and has been for quite a while…

  11. “Bobg” sez: “Promising.”
    While I hope this is indeed a one-year aberration, the facts remain that there are still only 6 days between Dec. 26 and 31. In that span, the Red Wings are penciled in for at least two games (including Dec. 31), and the Pistons for two more. *That* only leaves two days open for GLI, but *only* if LCA doesn’t book any concerts or other events. I want to say that they’ve done tripleheaders with the Wings at least once, but that’s kind of a logistical headache getting crowds in and out. I was also going to mention an overtime in the final messing things up, but I suppose a shootout would help keep things on schedule.
    I think the biggest question is simply this: How bad does the Ilitch organization really want to retain GLI? As much as it sucks to think about it, they really don’t need the GLI any more.

  12. From the LCA schedule for December 2021/early January 2022:
    Dec. 26: Open
    Dec. 27: WWE Monday Night Raw
    Dec. 28: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    Dec. 29: Pistons vs Knicks
    Dec. 30: Open
    Dec. 31: Red Wing vs. Capitals
    Jan. 1: Pistons vs Spurs
    Jan. 2: Red Wings vs. Bruins
    Jan. 4: Red Wings vs. Sharks

    So. Even though the Wings and Pistons each only had one game scheduled for that period, the two consecutive days needed for GLI just aren’t there, unless the Red Wings *and* the NHL were OK with running a tripleheader on New Year’s Eve.

    I sadly submit that this scheduling situation ain’t going to get any easier in future years.

  13. FWIW, I remember sitting with the Tech pep band in the stands at Yost one weekend, back in the old-old WCHA days. Don’t remember if was a Thanksgiving weekend, a spring break for Tech or maybe a playoff series.
    So, there *is* a precedent…

  14. If Little Ceaser’s Arena puts us in the same situation next year, either move the venue to Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids or the Mac in Houghton. Under no circumstances should we hold the tournament in a Big 10 arena in the future if the band is not allowed in.

  15. I am confused. Went to the Nebraska Wisconsin football game in 2018 at Camp Randall. Nebraska had their band there. The Huskers even joined the Badgers on the field for the Fifth Quarter.

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