Season 2 Episode 14 of the Chasing MacNaughton Podcast from Tech Hockey Guide; “Mega Sweep” This week Tim Braun, Dustin Lindstrom, Rob Gilreath, and Matt Cavender were joined by Kelsey Sagvold and Oliver Francies from Seamore Sports. Here’s a run down of the topics we discussed:

  • BGSU Series Recap (5:00)
  • Seamore Sports (18:33)
  • The Underdogs (26:27)
  • UAH Preview (38:45)
  • Joe Shawhan Hour Highlights (47:06)
  • Listener Questions (51:42)
  • Predictions (62:07)

BGSU Series Recap

MTU @ BGSU Friday, January 29, 2021

MTU @ BGSU Saturday, January 30, 2021

We begin our discussion by talking about the Huskies’ disappointing trip to Ohio. Nobody really wanted to be here for this discussion, as it was the first time in 7 games the Huskies entered the loss column, but we hope we could offer some helpful insights as to why this weekend may have played out as it did.

We were also confused as to why Pietila didn’t start on Friday night. Sinclair is a great goalie that hasn’t always seen the play in front of him to help out, but Pietila seems to have proven himself as the number one goaltender and we should be starting our best against league brass. However, we’re not professional hockey coaches so we’ll leave that one for the coaching staff to consider.

Bottom line, you can’t play with fire for that long and not expect to get burned. We can’t expect to give up that many chances to a team that mature and talented without expecting to pay the price for it. However, we were not happy with the officiating on the weekend and we take the time to discuss how we feel that the officiating on the weekend may or may not have impacted the results on the weekend. We’re ready to toss this weekend in the corner and not think about it again.

Seamore Sports

Our guest from Seamore Sports were angels for being able to listen to us get cynical about a bad hockey weekend and still speaking about their outlet with such passion.

Kelsey Savgold and Oliver Francies started Seamore Sports in 2016 during a u18 tournament in Grand Forks by identifying a large gap in the hockey coverage market. Based out of North Dakota, their alma mater is at no shortage of coverage as some other teams such as Huntsville, AIC, etc.

Seamore Sports got involved with Huntsville coverage after having a long conversation with former Alabama Huntsville coach Mike Corbett before a game against North Dakota. He’s a very off the cuff kind of guy that is willing to be honest about anything, which made it fun to cover the team and began their relationship. During this past summer, they were very involved in the save UAH program. Even after the new coaching staff was installed, Huntsville reached out to them and asked them to continue coverage.

Our friends at Seamore Sports would like to see themselves labeled “the home of the underdog” and help schools such as Lake State, Robert Morris, etc. to see a similar level of coverage as the blue chip programs.

They also showed a lot of love for the Misfits during their visit. After noticing the Misfits making more noise than anybody at the Ralph, the team walked over to them and interviewed them to see what they were all about. They’ve recently taken the time to catch up with the group and reported on how they’re handling the pandemic.

The Underdogs

If you don’t have traditional media coverage, essentially, Seamore Sports wants to cover you. They’ve been doing their best to cover Lake State, but their new SID doesn’t like to answer phone calls or emails, which doesn’t play well for somebody that wants to give exposure to a school.

Thirty minutes before their appearance on our podcast, Kelsey and Oliver were interviewing Eric Lang, head coach of American International College. He made the time to talk to them because he feels as though their outlet is giving the school the respect they deserve. One of the neat things about college hockey is the way that the little guy can run so well with the big dogs, so they’re a very cool outlet to check out some teams you don’t always think about.

UAH Preview

Good news, UAH is cleared to play this weekend and they were cleared to practice starting last Friday. So if all goes right, we should avoid a Northern situation where they began to head down to Huntsville, only having to turn around once they hit Escanaba.

The Seamore Sports warned us that this isn’t going to be the same team that we played the last time. They’ve been playing good hockey and making marked improvements. They just swept at home for the first time since 2003, which is a big deal for their program. The team is playing with a chip on its shoulder after almost being disbanded over the summer.

However, Tech’s also seemed to have found their stride and gotten pissed off after this Ferris series and they seem ready to go on their next extended win streak. Overall, look for Tech to take the sweep, but it probably won’t be as pretty as fans would like it to be.

Joe Shawhan Hour Highlights

This is the portion of the liners where I am supposed to link the podcast version of the Joe Show. If you copy this link into your podcast app of your choice, you should be able to access the Joe show and subscribe to listen to it as soon as it’s available. If that’s not true, be sure to go chirp me about it on twitter to go fix it (@mcavender_THG). Link:

Joe also takes some time to talk about how much he appreciates Trenton Bliss stepping up to be a leader this year in a very similar way that Alex Smith did last year. It’s great to have that kind of voice on the team, especially as we enter the final stretch of the season.

Listener Questions

Our first question this week was from Discord user “DrunkTrainPolka.” He wants to know about the elephant in the room: “what does the future hold for Alabama Huntsville?” Our guests could speak for an hour on just this topic, so be sure to tune in to hear the answer. Overall, a lot rides on them finding a new home to play in. But, Huntsville has not much of a direction to go other than up. Seamore Sports has a great writeup about it here on their website.

We were also asked for our Gavin Gould on the weekend. He looked like he was playing with a chip on his shoulder and help his team beat us twice. It’s just a shame we don’t play BG again for a chance to throw it back in his face.

The following highlight is one I imagine most of our fanbase doesn’t want to play, and I can’t say I blame you. But, I’m not doing a very good job if it isn’t here.

To expand on last week’s episode, Harrison Watt asks how many lasagnas it would take to make an ultra lasagna. The discussion on this question alone makes it worth tuning in this week, and we take it super in-depth into a discussion on metric vs. imperial lasagna units. If you listened this far into the podcast, tweet @TechHockeyGuide with the hashtag #UltraLasagna to add in your 2 cents as to what should justify an ultra lasagna.


We offer predictions for both the one Ferris game that’s already happened, as well as discuss the upcoming Huntsville series. You know the drill at this point. Come here our insights and be sure to yell at us on twitter about why we’re wrong!

Cut For Time

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Matt Cavender graduated from Tech in 2018 and is a former President of Mitch's Misfits, serving two terms. Matt serves on the Tech Hockey Guide staff as Editor in Chief. He currently works as a Digital Marketing Specialist in Grand Rapids, MI