Husky hockey fans,

It comes with much sadness that Tim Braun and I have decided that Tech Hockey Guide’s run has come to an end. It wasn’t a decision that came easy, but with our lives evolving we are unable to commit the time or effort to match the quality we strived for since 2010.

Our mission when we launched was to push the athletic department and local media to improve their coverage of Michigan Tech hockey. On the backs of our volunteers; Tim Kotula, Ryan Johnson, Andy Bourdeau, Bob Gilreath, Daver Karnosky, Rob Gilreath, Scott Yager, Will McSorley, James Juip, Joe Eskola, Brandon Benedict, and Paul Gilreath, we were able to make that happen. To them we owe a huge debt of gratitude.

We thank the fans who participated in our live chats over the past few years, especially Steve and the late Leo Sweeney who’ve helped support us. We thank current and former athletic department staff and hockey coaches who’ve opened their doors, including Suzanne Sanregret, Wes Frahm, Mel Pearson, Jamie Russell, Damon Whitten, and Bill Muckalt. Most of all we thank our wives Lindsey and Lisa for putting up with our obsession for a few years.

Michigan Tech hockey is much better place than when we started Tech Hockey Guide and now has the people and resources to go higher.

Go Huskies,
Brandon Maurisak

Brandon is a 2010 graduate of Michigan Tech. He co-founded Tech Hockey Guide with Tim Braun as a outlet to expand the coverage of Michigan Tech Hockey. He currently resides in Portland, Oregon with his wife Lindsey and corgis Quincy and Niko.