2021-22 Authentic Cream Jersey Order

$125 for a blank Jersey (Huskies script on front)
$165 for an embellished jersey which includes a nameplate and or player numbers.
A captain’s letter is an additional $5. Depending on when we close and submit this order, we hope to have the jerseys in around January 1, 2023.

The current deadline to complete this form and send payment is February 18, 2022.

Until we get final answers on price, we reserve the right to increase the price.

If you wanted multiple jerseys you will need to complete this form multiple times with different email addresses or contact Tim Braun via:

*NOTE: If you want a blank jersey and the blank pricing, enter “None” for both the nameplate and the number. Choosing “NA” will result in the higher pricing.*

Jersey Sizing Information (note sizing is different for Cream jersey than all other styles):