Tech Hockey Guide’s series preview writer, Jonathan Zamaites, is on a prediction roll. He’s as hot as an over-stoked wood stove and on an incredible streak after a mediocre start. Let’s take a quick look at what JZ has done this season with his game predictions.

1) Robert Morris Series:

Prediction: MTU 4-2, MTU 4-1

Outcome: MTU 2-1, MTU 7-0

JZ Record: 2-0 (0 perfect calls)

2) Alaska Series:

Prediction: MTU 2-1, MTU 3-2

Outcome: UAF 3-2, UAF 2-1

JZ Record: 2-2 (0)

3) BGSU Series:

Prediction: MTU 3-1, BGSU 2-1

Outcome: BGSU 3-1, MTU 4-2

JZ Record: 3-3 (0)

4) UND Game:

Prediction: MTU 4-3

Outcome: UND 3-1

JZ Record: 3-4 (0)

5) Minnesota State Series:

Prediction: MSU 3-0, MSU 2-1

Outcome: MSU 3-0, MSU 2-1

JZ Record: 5-4 (2)

6) LSSU Series:

Prediction: MTU 4-2, MTU 4-1

Outcome: MTU 4-2, MTU 2-1

JZ Record: 7-4 (3)

7) NMU Series:

Prediction: MTU 3-2, MTU 3-2

Outcome: MTU 3-2, MTU 3-2

JZ Record: 9-4 (5)

Overall, JZ now has predicted six in a row, and five of those have been perfect calls—right score, correct night of the series. And, if you look at the one that wasn’t perfect, he was half-right, as LSSU got only the single goal he predicted.

As Mrs. Dog said after Saturday’s game, “Jonathan, we need to go to Vegas!”

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Mike Anleitner is a 1972 Michigan Tech grad, and he was in the first class of what has become the Scientific & Technical Communications program. He also has an engineering degree from Wayne State and an MBA from Michigan-Ross. He spent forty seven years in various manufacturing and engineering positions, and is currently a semi-retired freelance engineer. He lives during the fall and winter with his wife of 49 years Carol–also a ’72 Tech grad–in Addison, TX, a Dallas suburb with more restaurants per capita than any other municipality in the US. During the summer, Mike and Carol reside in Elmira, MI and avoid the Texas heat.